31 October 2013

OTOREVIEW.MY - "otomobil" review...: FULL REVIEW: Daihatsu Terios @ Perodua Kembara

OTOREVIEW.MY - "otomobil" review...: FULL REVIEW: Daihatsu Terios @ Perodua Kembara:

For this blog entry, I’m reviewing Perodua Kembara 1.3 especially the DVVT. Perodua Kembara was launched in end-1998 (in the middle of recession). It originally came with 4 cylinder SOHC 16v. Maximum power 61kw and 105Nm of torque which many owners complained underpower and drinks petrol.

In 2003, Perodua shut the critics by introducing 4 cylinder, 1.3 DOHC 16v DVVT Engine with 63kw. Maximum Torque for DVVT Kembara stands at 120Nm. 

In this blog entry, I'm glad to say that I have a relative owning Kembara DVVT. Here's the photos and brief write-up by me (as I only behind the view for 15 minutes, as usual can't review much) on the Kembara DVVT. My aunt's Kembara DVVT was the 1st batch delivered. Launched in November 2003, delivered in December 2003. So far, the Kembara had clocked 150,000kms. Apart from the 15 minutes ride, I took lots of photos of this car. 

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14 October 2013

Mekanik Bantu Masalah Kereta Anda

13 October 2013

Car Services Before Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

2 x engine oil
Gear oil
Oil filter
Air filter
Spark Plug