06 September 2009

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Since 1 Sep 2009, there has been an increase in pump prices across Malaysia nationwide. Prices of RON 95 (Research Octane Number 95) and RON 97 (Research

Octane Number 97), the most commonly used petrol grades in Malaysia have increased by 5 sen and 25 sen respectively. This equates to a 2.86% increase in

pump price for RON 95 and a 13.89% increase in price for RON97 petrol.


While the increase in price is still makes Malaysia petrol one of the cheapest in the region, the price increase this time round is pretty sudden, with little reaction time for people to top up their tanks before the price hike. Nothing much for Singaporeans to complain about - the new petrol price in Malaysia still represents a whooping 55% discount compared to Singapore petrol prices. This means that for a full 60 litre tank (assuming you can get across the Singapore custom on an empty tank), you save about S$68.00 if you  (..Read More..)


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